That’s right. I almost ran out. My in-laws were in town. So, I took a shower, then my father in-law, then my wife, finally my mother in-law. All of that was in about an hours time. Then 45 minutes later my 2 year old daughter takes a morning bath. (She missed two nights in a row. Why, because every time we asked she said, “NO!” got to love ‘um at two years old.) As we all know baths use more water then showers. My wife yells down to me, “we are running out of hot water.” I kindly explain to her the our old water heater would have barely made it past shower #2 let alone four.   Then you want it to fill a bath tub. Ha! I think it did very well.

The heat pump then ran for about five hours. Worked great. and as it should have. I am very glad I went with the 80 Gallon tank. For awhile I was thinking that I went to big. Maybe the 66 gallon would have been better. Now I know I made the right choice. Years from now when all four of us are taking showers in the morning I will know I have enough hot water.