Every time I turn on the Wii its is warm, almost hot to the touch. The little LED is Yellow. When you first plug it in, its red. When on, it is Green. What is the difference? How much power does each state use? Why is this thing hot when it is turned off? Time for some answers. I grub my kill-a-watt.

Red = 2 Watts

Yellow = 10 Watts (after being off for 2 minutes)

Green = 20 Watts

Mine is always yellow when off. This is a standby mode. I have read that since I connect to my WiFi it will be yellow unless I hold the power down to shut it off. (3 Seconds)

What does having the Wii yellow instead of red cost me. 8 Watts all day every day when I am not playing it with my son. 8 Watts x 20 hours x 30 days = Almost 5kWhrs or $0.50. Not much but still a waste.