I checked the Kill-a-Watt today. 360 Hours and 49kWhrs. That would be 3.27 kWhrs a day. I know this will go up slightly in the winter time because of the decrease in ambient temperature. Currently, the temperature in the basement is a wonderful 65 degrees. I only wish the entire house was that nice. I am still trying to figure out how to better use the cool air? I thought about trying to design a better cover with a intake and outlet ports. This would then be able to direct the incoming and outgoing air to do something useful. Airgenerate does sell an outlet port. But it costs $89.

After I set the new thermostat to the best temperature, we have never run out of hot water. The unit does turn on a bit earlier, but runs for a shorter period of time. This is what I had hoped for. (Less chance of unit freezing up)

After the the federal tax credit the unit will have cost me only $250. No bad at all. I hope some day they make a unit that has everything together. It would have made installing even easier.