It is air conditioner time. I just received my latest Duke Energy bill. I used 999 kWhrs. At least I stayed below 1000kWhrs! TED thinks I only used 946kWhrs. I think I know what is happening. Every so often TED will stop receiving data. During that “blackout” The Air runs or we cook or use the microwave, maybe the toaster. TED does not know what is going on. So he makes a guess. Maybe he uses the last reading and the first reading after coming too. Any rate, it does not work out quite right. Thus we have the difference in the two numbers.

I seem to average about 32kWhrs a day. This is an increase of almost 12kWhrs. I know where it comes from. The AC unit. I need to look into a new unit and adding some insulation.

This next month I will have my new Hot Water Heat Pump adding to the usage. But I wonder how the cool air byproduct will effect my AC? I am interested to see what my Gas bill looks like too. The only thing that is currently using gas is the dryer. I would like to turn the gas off but I would need to replace my furnace first. Maybe a Heat Pump? Then I would need to buy a new dryer. I wish these guys would get a move on!