I received and installed my new and improved Tstat yesterday. I think I installed it up side down. But once it is set I probably won’t mess with it again. The temp bulb does extend down about an extra foot. This will help too start the unit sooner and hopefully won’t run it for as long. I worry about it freezing up in the winter when basement temps are cooler and it runs for four straight hours.

Removal and installation took about and hour and a half. Not too bad. Took my time and was trying to work smart. For a small moment I thought about just leaving the unit shroud off. I thought the improved airflow would help with efficiency. But, in the end I thought it better to leave it on.

I now have the temp set at 110 degrees. I hope I can keep it this low. Water is hot when I want it and no one has complained. When the thermostat bulb now lower in the tank I hope that this help start the unit sooner. Also, the thermostat is only a 10 degree on/off hysteresis. After the unit did kick on I noticed it did not run as long. Three hours instead of four or more. Will this reduce electricity usage. Maybe. The tank temp of 110 degrees most certainly will.