North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP of short), they currently offer a solar PV certification and a solar thermal certification. Soon they will offer a small wind certification. So the question is; if I get one or both of the certification will companies call me with jobs? Currently, Indiana only has five people with either certification. One, person has both. To sit for the exam it costs $400, this includes a application fee of $100.

Disclaimer: NABCEP certification is not a professional license issued by a government agency, and does not authorize a certificant to practice. NABCEP certificants must comply with all legal requirements related to practice, including licensing laws.

This sounds like most other certification boards I know of. No big deal there.

Objectives and Task Analysis for the Solar Photovoltaic System Installer, this is where the rubber meets the road. After looking over the testing requirements, it does not seem be too difficult. Of coarse I would study up on a few areas but overall I feel good about the material.

Requirements/Education, this is where I will run into some issues. Indiana is not know for solar installations. I have the education part covered under subsection e. But, the experience will be a problem. It is a great example of the chicken and the egg scenario.

I do know one of the people in Indiana that has his NABCEP solar PV cert. I think I will send him an email and ask a few more question about the cert. i.e. How difficult was the test! Maybe he can help me with the solar installation part.