That is the edict for my wife. That thought is how many people feel I bet. Why should my wife be any different. Well, she is married to me. I figured I would have rubbed off a little by now. I think what did it was the lighting fixture in the entry way. I hesitate to call it a chandler but that is probably what it is called. I replaced all of the incandescence with torpedo style CFLs. Needless to say it is not the nicest looking fixture now. But it went from using 320 Watts down to using only 42 Watts. I would like to replace it with something more substantial. But, it must be more energy efficient. It will most likely be something with upward facing little shades so that it will hid the CFLs.

What the energy conservation movement needs is form and function. Take for example, Sunfrost refrigerators. They are wonderfully efficient but they don’t look like a super sexy french door unit with water and ice thru the door. I love gas ranges, but my wife likes the cool “Smooth Top” electrics. I could meet half way with an induction unit. But they are very expensive and are current aluminum cookware would not work on them.

We do agree that the next car should get great mileage. She wants a mini-van. Honda is not going to put a clean diesel in the Odyssey. Not is going to make a hybrid any time only. So we are stuck. Maybe I can talk her into a hybrid/diesel wagon?

Recycling. That is anther issue. She will recycle. But, if a plastic shampoo bottle is finished upstairs she would rather throw it away then bring it down stairs to recycle. Her idea of recycling newspaper is to literally throw it in the garage and let me “figure it out”. I would love to compost kitchen scraps. But forget it. She would never go for it.

I am sure this is the case in many households. Some embrace the ideas of Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. Others simply just “Buy Today, Throw Away tomorrow.” The only way average people, anywhere in the world, are going to embrace the three R’s is if it saves them money! It is as simple as that. With that said, I am not an average person. So I will keep trying to do what I feel is best. Making the World a better place just makes sense.