Doesn’t Duke have to buy green power anyway? Won’t I just be giving money away to the biggest coal using company in the nation? Who gets the “Green Power” money anyway? These are just some of the questions I have for Duke Energy. I have too many questions, if they only had a link on there website that stated who and where they purchased “Green Power” from. So I may go a different route.

Enter the Department of Energy. They have a wonderful table of Renewable Energy Producers.

I am cheap so I pick They have a nice tool to help determine my annual CO2 emmisions. For the House and Cars it is at 12.43 tons. Not too bad. But here is the thing that I don’t see anywhere. What about the trees in my front yard? What about the grass? What about the garden? And all the other plants in the yard? Do I offset my offset?

So I have decided not to buy green power from anyone. I will just continue to reduce my carbon footprint, one step at a time. I feel this is the best most cost effective way to limit my impact. Some day I will have my footprint reduce so far down that solar panels will go on the roof to reduce it to zero. (At least the house anyway)