Lets face it, TED is always going to win. 🙂 Duke stated my energy usage was 763 kWhrs. TED said my usage was 778.6 kWhrs. That is a difference of 2%. It was much closer this month. I feel the reason is my KVAR unit was turned off the entire month. But, I like the KVAR for the surge suppression ,so it is back on. I can live with TED and POCO (Power Company) being off by no more then 10%. The main purpose is to provide real time feed back on energy usage. Ted does a great job!

One important thing to note about last month. I had the AC on for two entire days. This increase my usage by almost 50kWhrs. This does not make the summer look very good for TED. Basically, AC double my daily electricity usage. 25 kWhrs x 30 days is an extra 750kWhrs.

I did email Energy, Inc. They never got back with me about how the KVAR unit will effect the workings of TED. I may try again at a later date but right now I am content. They may not have an answer?

It seems that the average for a non-heating or cooling billing period is 750kWhrs. I would like to get that number to about half of that. The reason being that I need to use more when the cooling and heating seasons start. I do understand I have a long way to go. But I will keep trying to reduce reduce reduce my consumption I may be able to get closer over time.