For some reason I like to read magazines, not books or the newspaper, but magazines. Yesterday, I finished a wonderful project. (My wife loved it!) I decided to look at all my old magazines and cutout all the articles I would like to save. Then instead of making a binder with all the cutout articles, I scanned them. When it was all done, Recycling time!

I went thru about a hundred magazines that I thought would have a good article or two. I sent over two boxes of old magazines to the recycling bin when I was finally finished. Mind you, that was just cutting them out. Then I had to scan them. That took just as long. All in all, I spent about ten hours cutting and scanning.

The current plan is to cut and scan about every three months. This way I only spend a few minutes, not hours. This also keeps the cluter down to a minimum too. That is the part my wife likes best. If I could only get used to electronic delivery format. Then I would never have to do this in the first place.

Baby steps, baby steps.