I purchased a “ChilliPepper” hot water circulator pump a few weeks back. My wife won’t use it and hates how loud it is. (I have to agree about the noise) I have decided to move it and attach it directly to the shower lines. Since it is the show that has the biggest wait time. I could always hit the button for the sink too.

The plan is to cut a small hole in the closet. Cut the lines and install tees. Run power from another outlet and enjoy. I make it sound sooooo simple.

Watts access panel Super easy. I don’t have to cut a square hole!

Compression Tees I don’t want to solder inside of a wall.

Water supply connectors I have to make sure what I have will work?

The most difficult part will be the extra outlet. I have to get in th attic on work in only three foot high ceiling area. But I think I can manage.

The unit is going to be locate under the seat in the shower. I have plenty of room for all of the equipment. First I will cut the hole and see what I have to work with for sure. I will report back when I am finished.