I can some it all up in a nice graph.

TED, meet Air Conditioning.

TED, meet Air Conditioning.

Graph explained,

First bar is Thursday. Nice day no AC. 74 Degrees F outside. (18.87 kWhrs)

Friday is a nice day but my wife turns on the AC late in the day. (27.94 kWhrs, AC on @ 9pm)

Saturday and Sunday, AC on all day and night. Warm days with highs around 85 Degrees F outside (Saturday was 48.20 kWhrs, Sunday was 48.71 kWhrs)

Monday I turn off AC in the morning. (24.5 kWhrs)

During the night, the temperatures always fell below 70 Degrees F. If I had a whole house fan and ran it during the night and shut the house up in the daytime I could have maybe saved 20 kWhrs a day in electricity. But I don’t have a whole house fan yet. So I ran the AC. At least now I have some good baseline data. This will give me some leverage with my wife whan I start down the fan route.