This latest battle was a victory again. Duke Energy Reported usage of 704 kWhrs. TED reported 660 kWhrs. Yes, there is a difference. But, overall, this is the lowest month ever at our home. In the eight years we have lived in our current home we have never had a bill this low!

What to do about the big difference in readings. I am going to email the makers of TED and see what they can tell me. Next, I was thinking about calling Duke and asking what they think may cause the difference. Lastly, I have a “KVAR” unit. I don’t think it does anything. But could it be messing with TED. So I shut it off. For the next month I will leave it off and see what happens with TED and Duke. Maybe they can be a little more agreeable.

TED has proven to be very helpful in enlighten me on electricity usage. This has enabled me to greatly reduce my bill. I would recommend TED to anyone interested in saving money and electricity. not to mention the planet too! If I keep this up solar panels on the roof are completely plausible. For my location 10 Watts of solar panels gives me 1kWhrs per month on average. If I have an average bill of only 500kWhrs, I would need a 5,000 Watt solar array. That would cost about $35,000 before rebates. I think I will just keep looking to reduce my load for now.