Remember the links from my previous blog? Well, (ha ha) I found another good one. Self-help wells. The section I found very usful was the Jetting part. Since I have sandy soil this could be very easy!

Campbell #BFSC-125-40 1-1/4 PVC Slip Coupling (I will get 4 to be safe)
Wash Down Valve (BWDV-125) – Campbell Manufacturing
BRADY PRODUCTS INC #BBP125-5 1-1/4×5′ Well Point
Some 1 1/4″ Schedule 40 PVC pipe (about (3) 8 footers should do it)
Shallow well pump. (Not sure what I want yet)
Hand Pump (for testing)

When I add the prices up I am at only at $250. Or half of my original allotment. I still have a call into my local Ace Hardware. If they can not help me I will be forced to purchase from the Internet.

The wash down valve has threads to connect  a garden hose. What I think I may do is run the hose though everything dry. Then as I go down glue it all together. I hope to do this very soon. I would love to start water my lawn and garden with fresh well water.