The Chevy volt is going to cost about $40,000. The Tesla Model S is going to cost at least $50,000. To lease the EV1 back a decade ago was about $500/month. I understand that the cost to develop is very high. But, the federal government seems to be giving the money away. Here is a link to a great blog article that talks about the EV1.

The EV1 drew 18.7 kWh of electricity to fully charge. The national average cost for a kWh of electricity is now $.11, so a full charge (unless I am drastically overlooking something) costs around $3.00. Given that the average American drives around 50 miles a day, they would have to recharge every 3rd day. So in a 30 day month, they will recharge 10 times at $3.00 per charge. $30.00 a month increase in my electric bill to save buying almost $200 in gas a month is perfectly fine with me. Even GM has said the Volt will cost around $.80 a day to operate, which works out to around $24/month.

Two important this to note. “National Average” for electricity is $0.11. Not in California! But, all of these electric vehicles are going (should) be charged at night. Most electric companies that have high rates will give you a substantial break for using electricity in the middle of the night. (Half or more) But, it is definitely cheaper for me to have an electric car. The more electricity I use the less I pay. (Yes, it sounds backwards!)  Now, the Tesla S with the 160 Mile Battery pack has 42kWhrs of storage. If I Drive about a 1,000 miles a month. I would have to recharge 294kWhrs. Now I know nothing is 100%. So I will fudge, 400kWhrs it is. My cost would be (400 x 0.07) $28. Gas would have cost me (1000 / 30mpg x $3) $100. (yes, I used $3) That is a saving of $70 / month. Not really that big of a deal. What if I used 20mpg and $4 a gallon. (The car does go 0-60 in under 6 seconds) 1000 / 20 x 4 = $200. Now we are talking. $170 is a good amount of change. That is exactly what Tesla says also.

According to Tesla’s numbers, buying a Tesla S will save you $10-$15K vs a comparably priced gas-powered sedan when gas is $4 per gallon. For an equivalent comparison, you’d have to lease a $35,000 gas-powered car.

Here is the oficial site. I do like the look of the car. It is fast. Can seat 7 people. (Don’t understand how) And has two trunks. But then again so did this car. Only issue is that it will not be ready for the public until thrid quarter of 2011. A lot can change in that long of time. Maybe the price will too. Down that is.