Results are in. TED (The Energy Doctor) has allowed me to reduce my bill by almost 50% in one month! The constant vigilance of TED has worked magic. That little green light that blinks, “I am watching you”, reminds me every second to reduce my electricity usage. And it works, I end up looking at TED 50 times a day.  When the Kw readout goes above 1,000 I start asking why, who, and how do I get that lowered. The only side effect of it all, my wife does not really care for TED. She may see the light (Hopefully a CFL) when she sees the greatly reduced electricity bill.

The breakdown. TED states I use 780 Kwhrs. Duke Energy (My electric company) states I used 853 Kwhrs. A difference of 9%. Since I don’t know yet if my meter is read by a person or done over the electric lines, the difference is most likely attributed to the fact that TED starts and stops at midnight and who knows when the meter is read by the electric company. I only know the date or do I? I have a feeling that the start and stop time and date are never going to be accurate to TED. For now I am content. TED does a great job letting me know when my power usage is toward the extreme. If TED constantly tells me month after month that I am using less then the power company tells me, then I will make a call to them for some answers.

At this rate, TED will have paid for itself in 6 months. Check out TED for yourself. It is one of the bests investments I have made so far.