It takes almost 5 minutes sometime for the shower upstairs to get hot and ready to use. It did not take that low before I installed a lower flow shower head. At least I know I am using less water now. But five minutes is too long and I am wasting water. What can I do?

Enter a hot water circulator pump. Now these things don’t run all the time. Only when you press a little button. They don’t waste water either. The pump sends the cold water into the hot water heater tank.

How does it work? This small pump connects between the hot water and cold water. Then it plugs into a standard outlet. When a small button is pressed the pump runs until hot water reaches the pump. The “waste” water actually travels back to the hot water tank and thus is never wasted.

Installation is relatively easy. (or it appears so. I have yet to purchased it.) Connect the unit to the shut off valves. Plug in the unit, and install the button. Here the kick, the plug needs to under the sink. Most of us don’t have an outlet under the sink. However, for me, the current outlet in only above the desired location by two feet. The next minor issue is installing the small activation button. I have to place it so that the wife likes the location. I will just let her tell me the best spot. Done.

These units typically cost about $200 and installation time should be two hours with installing a new outlet under the sink. This project will be done more for convenience then cost saving but I know that I will save money. Three gallons a day or almost 100 gallons a month of water is nothing to bat an eye at. Money wise, maybe a dollar.

Chili Pepper Hot Water Pump

There are many choices on the Internet. I have decided to go with the ChiliPepper unit. The first generation unit had issues with noise. But, there is a new unit out that is suppose to fix that problem. After I install, I will post my review.