Soon I will have my first month living with TED under my belt. For those who don’t know how or what TED is click here. I can’t wait to compare my billed usage to TED. I think it will be very close and very dramatic. I know that I have greatly reduced my usage because the unit gives me a MTD reading. Last month, I was close to using 1600 kWhrs. This month I will be closer to 800 kWhrs. How? Because I placed the unit in the room I am in the most, the living room. I now have a constant reminder telling me to to REDUCE my usage. If I want I can set an alarm to go off if I go over a certain kWhr. Of coarse, it would just go off when we are making dinner on our electric stove.

Toward the end of the month the red alarm LED starts to blink. I don’t understand why but I don’t mind. I have only had the unit beep an alarm to me once. That was when the voltage went down to 114 for a few seconds. The only issue I have had so far is th unit’s sensitivity to noise on he AC line. If I turn on the lamp next to the couch the unit stop receiving data. I think the problem is the light fixture has a older CFL. If I used the fixture very often, I would replace it. Stay tuned for the the next TED update. I plan on showing some TED footprints graphs.