True, but only when on. With my TED, I noticed that the toaster uses 1500 Watts. It is getting old and needs replaced. It is not toasting very well these days. The current toaster is a four slot. It is huge and I very rarely use all four slots.

Do they make energy efficient two slot toasters? It would be nice to have the option of putting only one side down it I wanted too.

Energy efficient toaster is more relative then real. My toaster toasts pretty fast. If I got one that “uses less” it will probably just take longer. But, if you pay a demand charge on your electric bill this upgrade could save you money.

I searched for “Energy Efficient Toasters” on Google.

I did find a cool model that saves energy by covering the tp of the toaster while toasting. The problem is that it draws 1 or2 Watts while not toasting. One review stated that it would use close to 9kWhrs just sitting around. I bet I don’t use that much while toasting for an entire year.

Toaster Reviews on WordPress. I found this site on google also. Not a bad place to visit.

This is the toaster I decided to go with, Black & Decker T2030

toasterIt only uses 850 Watts while on, is smaller than my current unit and costs less than $30.