Today is a good day for my conundrum. It is sunny and the wind is blowing an average speed of 12mph. The windmill in question is a skystream 3.7. At an average wind speed of 12mph I would be producing 400 kWhrs a month. I am guessing the cost installed would be $18,000. What does $18,000 towards a solar system get me? At about $10 a watt installed. 1800 Watt system. Of course, actual prices may very. 🙂 I have an average solar insolation value of 4. That is equal to 120kWhrs per month. Wow, did not see that coming! The one major problem is the neighbors, I don’t think they would like it if I got one.

Link to someone in Ohio that purchased one. His total cost was $15,087.00

After looking at that site, makes me think that 400kWhrs is way high. There maybe a lot of hot air in wind power. Hey, at least with solar all I have to do is place the panels in the sun. Don’t believe manufactures numbers. It is best to find someone else that will have similar conditions to yours.

What about a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)


Urban Green Energy

Mariah Power

Cleanfield Energy

Wind Terra

I like the last link the best. Why? If I can mount it on top of the house and not have to install a pole. I will save money. But, it can’t keep me up at night during high winds.  i.e. it won’t shake the house. Major issue wit mounting on top of the house is weight. Some of these turbine weigh 500lbs.

At half the price, and 40% of the power…. It still is easier to put up panels. Maybe not as cheap per watt but easier. I believe that I am right smack dab in the middle. If I had higher than 4 solar insolation, I would get solar panels. If I had higher then 12mph annual wind, I would get a windmill. What I really need to find is a site that would have done this for me!