For a few years I have wanted a whole house fan. They are cheap to operate, bring in fresh air and are relatively easy to install. One very important thing to note. If you have a gas water heater that does not have a power vent then you have to make sure you open enough windows or you will back draft and bring toxic fumes into your house. I have a gas water heater. I plan one replacing it soon so I won’t have to worry about it.

How they work? Whole house fans suck hot air out of your house. They bring in cooler outside air in though open windows.  The added benefit is the air expelled from the fan is exhausted into the attic. This cools down the attic and that will cool your house down too.

Who makes them?

Air Vent, Inc.

Triangle Engineering of Arkansas, Inc.

Tamarack Technologies, Inc.

Installation? This is a straight forward process. Cut a hole in the ceiling. Block off trusses to make a box. Install shutter and fan. Supply electricity Sounds easy! Hints that I have found out. They (Triangle) makes shutters that enable one to install the fan without cutting the truss (joist). The joist will interfere very little with the operation of the fan. During the winter months I plan on making a insulation blanket to cover the unit. This will cut down on the heat loss thru the big whole in my ceiling. Installing a timer switch will allow the unit to shut off in the middle of the night so you don’t have to mess with it.

Temperatures in my area don’t often go above 90 degrees. At night, temps almost always go below 70 if not usually 60 during the summer. This is a great operating range for my whole house fan. I can run it at night and then close up the house during the day. This should save me tons of money this summer. I figure the unit may pay for itself in one season. Lowes sells the Air Vent unit. I do plan on purchasing the no-cut-joist shutter from the internet. I have though about angling the unit just like century homestead did. I will at least find out how much their unit cost. It may save me time and effort. One thing I do know, now is a good time the invest in a whole house fan.