I am not one for,

If its yellow let it mellow and brown flush it down.

But I want to save water. I already have a water saving shower head. I purchased a pet drinking fountain so I don’t let the sink water run anymore. What can I do next.

Two stage flushing. I could buy a retrofit kit from TwoFlush. But when I Googled it, I found that some people were not happy with it. Additionally, on their checkout page they do not have my brand of toilet listed. (Mansfield) The cost is $50. Plus another $15 to ship. What other alternatives do I have?

How much water are we talking about? The toilet that I am targeting is the main one downstairs. I figure it gets flushed well over a dozen times a day. But I will estimate higher because one of my kids is still in diapers. Let settle for 20 times. At 1.6 Gallons per flush. We have a total of 32 gallons a day. That is equal to almost a 1000 gallons a month. Money wise is $5 per month, 60$ a year.

Alternative? Replace the toilet. They make dual flush toilets. I started searching. One of the better sites I found was Terry Love’s. It has ratings and links to his forum with lots of customer perspective. There are a few dual flush toilets listed. I kind of like the Sydney Smart Toilets by Caroma. It only uses 1.28/0.8 gallons. Here is the only problem I have. My current toilet is not broken. I would be replacing a perfectly good toilet. When it is time to replace the toilet then I will do it with a dual flush model.

I have two options. Buy the TwoFlush system or modify my current toilet. I think I am going to modify my current toilet. I have a toilet fill valve with the float at the end of the metal arm. Where the are attaches to the fill valve there is a set screw. This screw controls the point at which the arm stops the fill valve. I turned the screw down to where I figure I save about 1 quart of water. That is equal to 5 gallons a day. Not as good as a dual flush but at least it did not cost me anything.