I am seriously considering turning off natural gas service to my house after this winter is over. I figure I can save money by using electricity and in the process, produce less CO2.

My current Gas appliances are;

Furnace, water heater, clothes dryer, and fireplace.

The fireplace. I plan on converting it to LPG. I only use the fireplace a few times a year. I plan on running a short line outside and having a tank in the ground.

The Clothes Dryer. I have blogged about the unit that I want. A heat pump dryer. They just need to get off their butts and make it.

The Water Heater. I blogged about this also. I may go with a hot water heat pump. I am worried about plumbing a solar hot water heater.  With limited roof area, I would like to leave enough room for PV panels. Remember, once a solar hot water tank is fully heated you are wasting the suns energy hitting the panels.

The Furnace. I want to upgrade to a high efficiency heat pump. Both neighbors have one and they really like them. I know for a fact they don’t get a winter heating bill of $300 like I do.

Saving Money and CO2 emissions

Saving money is the easy part. At least for me, Natural gas is more expensive per BTU then Electricity.

At $0.10 per kWhr = $29.30 per million BTUs.

At $1.70 per therm = $17.00 per million BTUs.

Heat pumps are about 200% efficient. $14.40 per million BTUs.

Gas furnace is only 80% efficient. $21.20 per million BTUs.

Gas Water Heater is 62% efficient. $27.42 per million BTUs.

As far as CO2 emissions. Coal plants are only about 35% efficient. Not including transmissions losses. But, I am not going to include transmission of gas either.

Coal emissions per million BTU is equal to 215 lbs. But to get one million BTU at the house is 615 lbs. At 200% efficient heat pumping would be 308 lbs. That is a lot of CO2.

Natural Gas is 117 lbs per million BTU. At the worst case 62% efficient would still be 188 lbs. So I am wrong. I won’t save CO2, just money. Even at 300% efficient heat pumps, I would still be at 205lbs. But this is why I am working towards going solar. Point of use electricity.