My cat won’t drink water from any other source. Most of the time the water gets left running all the time. How much does that cost me? Here is a website with an answer. The water has to stream out of the faucet, dripping won’t do. I estimate that it is running for a minimum of 6 hours per day.  (Sometimes it is on all night, most times a few hours a day) I went to the sink that we always use for the cat and turned it on. I then measured the time it took to fill an 8 oz cup. (30 seconds) The magic number is 45 gallons a day. This is equal to 1100 Gallons a month or 20% of my total usage. Oops! Sure, that only costs me a few dollars month but what a waste. If I take 20% of my water and sewer bill I get $6. $72 a year.

My solution. The Drinkwell® Platinum

Supposedly, it uses only 2 watts of power to operate. (1.4 kWhrs / month, $0.14 / month) This cost is far superior to the cost of water. The filter needs replaced every two months. At a cost of a little over two dollars. That is eqaul to only a dollar a month for filters. Here is a biggest reason to just the drinkwell. THE CAT WILL STOP BOTHERING ME FOR WATER! That alone makes is a good purchase. I don’t think I can get it soon enough.