Yes, research says that one will use less water in a dishwasher than washing dishes by hand. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

About 60% of the energy used by a dishwasher goes towards heating the water, so models that use less water also use less energy.

Another feature I am looking for is “no heat” drying option. Since the electric heating element consumes about 7% of dishwasher energy use.

First place I need to look is Energy Star. WOW, look at all the dishwashers. One thing I don’t see is water usage? Two brands that really stand out are Asko and Bosch. But if they don’t wash dishes very well then they are not worth having around. My current dishwasher has got to be one of the worst. So if I compare to that, then I would be happy with anything else.

I need some epinions. Asko is not getting the best reviews. People are complaining about the dishes not getting washed completely because the rack has them spaced too close together. That leaves Bosch. My in-laws have a Bosch. Very Nice, works great and is very quiet. But I still don’t know how much water they use?

Bosch has a few models that use only 190 kWhrs a year. That is really low, of coarse they cost almost $1500. For $500 less you can get a 500 series that uses 69 kWhrs more electricity¬† per year. It would be cheaper to buy the more expensive dishwasher if I were to plan on completely off setting my electric bill with a grid-tie solar system. I will have to consider the unit that uses less power. Someday I would like to “Go Solar”. Right now, I am planning. This appliance is part of that plan. If solar panels continue to decrease in price then the cheaper model may make sense. But, I figure that cost would have to come down 50%. That is not going to happen anytime soon.