Installation was straight forward. But not without problems. First, I did not have the receiving unit on the same 120V leg as the transmitter. So, I was not receiving any data. Then, I was getting data but it was not making any sense. I was continually consuming 800W. I knew this was incorrect. I was running the electric oven! After reading the instructions more, I determined that one of the CT probes had to be clamped the other way. This worked, now it was reading 4.000 kW. Then, I noticed the unit did not receive data very well at night. I thought the CFL lighting in the room maybe causing a problem. I found that one light, when on, would cause the unit not to receive. I changed the bulb and still had issues. This light was on the timer. So I moved the timer to the other side of the couch. Problem some what solved. Most of the time only the one light is on.

I still need a little more understanding about the rate structures. I have them in but don’t understand how the unit will know when the new month really starts. Do I have to tell it every month? I figure that if I am off by a day or two I will be still very close to the actual bill.

All said and done it took close to two hours. I don’t look at it as time wasted. I liked figuring out the idiosyncrasies. I can’t wait to analyze the data.