Okay, so I don’t have TED installed yet. Actually, it just shipped today. For a smidgen over $200 I will have second by second information on the electricity usage of my house. As a green electro geek, I can’t wait.

How to install it. From the website, installation looks very easy. I figure it will take me about 30 minutes to install. You clamp the current probes around the two incoming hot leads and connect to a circuit breaker. I still have to figure out if the circuit breaker can be shared or dedicated. Then you plug the display into an outlet. Since I purchased the PC software, I will then connect the display to the computer that serves as my DVR via USB cable.

The PC software looks very nice. I already know that I am going to sit and watch the graphs in real time for hours. The unit lets you program in your utilities rate structure. Then you can see how much money you are spending instantly. You can even program in alarms.

One of the first things I am going to try to do is profile my dishwasher, furnace and oven. Not that the oven is going to be replaced anytime soon. But if I find out that dishwasher is an energy hog, out it goes. The only reason I have not replaced it is because it still works. But it cleans dishes okay and is too noisy. Next I will investigate the furnace. Now this will only show me the blower fan. But I think it too, is an energy hog. This spring my be time for an upgraded system. I am thinking about a super high efficiency heat pump.

I can’t wait to blog about my findings. I will have to post some screen shoots too. This is going to be fun. 🙂