Is man made global warming real? Regardless if humans are the cause of the latest warming trend, it makes sense to keep the planet clean! Non-renewable resources are finite, hence the “non” in non renewable. I continually hear on the TV and Radio that the amount of sunlight (energy) that hits the earth in one day exceeds are usage for an entire year. I recently watched a documentary called “The Great Global Warming Swindle ”. One major point it stressed was that a rise in global temperature occurs first, then the level of CO2 rises. Not the other way around or at least that is what they are saying. Here is a Wikipedia link about the documentary.

I always like talking to older people about global warming. Why? So few believe that global waring is really happening. You see, back in the mid to late ’70s everyone kept talking about global cooling. “We are heading for the next ice age.” Well, these people have not forgotten about all that media hype. Now they are just hearing the total opposite. They just don’t believe any of it.

Right now, in most states, the price of fuel drives to cost of electricity. We don’t have a carbon cap and credit system to drive prices higher for certain types of fuel. So, in coal burning states like Indiana, solar does not make financial sense. But, in states like Arizona, California and New Mexico, where electricity prices are high and the sun shines all the time. Solar can be a great solution to higher energy costs. has many different sizes of solar home systems. I have been wanting a solar system for many years. But the economics are not there, until recently. Now with the 30% tax credit I have started to look at solar seriously again. I am still a long way away. I have to reduce my usage almost in half just to have enough space on my roof for a solar system. In the mean time, I am upgrading my major appliances with most efficient models I can find. It is cheaper to decrease energy usage then to add more panels.

Do I believe in Global Warming? Not 100%. Do I believe we are not help the current situation, absolutely. Conservation never hurt anyone. We need to keep our planet clean. Because Earth is an island!