Back in the day before air conditioning, people would plant trees around the house. These trees would shade the house from the sun and provide natural cooling. In the winter time the leaves would fall off and the sun would warm the house. This would be the first solar air conditioner. But, were not looking for that kind of  “Solar Air Conditioner” are we. No, we want the kind that will blow cold air in your face. Do they make them?

Armed with Google, I search the trusted internet. 🙂  I have looked for solar air conditioners in the past, so some of the sites were familiar. Here is what I found.



DC Breeze

Sun Power Tech

All units would need at least 500 Watts of solar panels, depending on the amount of sun you receive. They also would need batteries and a charge controller. If you were off grid, you would have this equipment already. Then all you would need to pony up was the money for the unit. The only price I could find was about $5000 for the Greencore unit. At that price, you could justify buying more panels and running a window unit. What about units made for RVs? A quick search reveals that most are 120VAC models. (DC Breeze and Sun Power units have been used instead of traditional RV units because owners can shut down there generators at night for sleeping)

In my opinion, you would be better off installing a small grid tie system to offset your traditional HVAC system.

But you have some other alternatives.