Let me just start out by saying that, the current setup saves me money. My POCO (POwer COmpany) is Duke energy.  I don’t have time of use billing. I have a regressive usage setup. The more i use the less I pay for my electricty! This sounds backwards in today’s world. They should be trying to get me to conserve, penalize me for my over consumption.

My Rate Schedule

Connection Charge            $9.40
First 300 kWh                      $0.092945 per kWh
Next 700 kWh                     $0.054178 per kWh
Over 1000 kWh                   $0.044464 per kWh

As you can see, the more I use, the less I pay per kWh. Now let’s look at a PG&E Time of Use billing.

PG&E TOU Billing (I linked to the main page because every year they go up)

Here is a link to the explanation of PG&E’s TOU billing.

After looking at this information, I have no idea how anyone figures out their bill. Seriously, five tiers, baseline percentages, then riders. Forget that. Way to complicated!

Here is Duke Energy again for North Carolina.

I don’t like this one either. Why? They are charging customers for demand! That means your new fancy on-demand electric water heater will cost you big time!

I have searched high and low on the internet for a likable plan. And…

Puget Sound Energy

Very nice! You could change the program on your thermostat. Heat your water at night. Set the dishwasher to come on at 2am. Since I have a deep freeze, I could put a timer on it to only run at night. Heck, With only (2) four hour windows. You could even put a timer on your regular refrigerator. I could even delay the clothes washer!  Then I searched a little more.

Canceled the program!

Customers besieged PSE, calling to complain that the utility’s “time-of-use” program not only wasn’t saving them money but also was costing them slightly more than standard billing programs. So PSE last week asked the state Utilities and Transportation Commission for permission to end the program a year ahead of schedule.

I still like the idea. I think the night rate needs to be very cheap. Say 3 cents a kWhr. If you could save 20% on your electric bill with minimal effort, would you? I think I would.