If you are like me you have a real Christmas tree. Real tree! Yes, we cut down a real tree. We go every year to a local Christmas tree farm. As we make the twenty minute drive, we pass many fallowed fields. I don’t feel bad about cutting down the tree because the field would have most likely been fallowed anyway.

What I do with my Christmas tree is the compost pile. You can do the same if you have a compost pile.

Another option, recycle your tree locally. Many cities and towns will come around and pickup your tree at the curb. Others have a drop off location. So what do they do with the tree? They turn them into mulch! This mulch ends up in your parks and recreation areas! Look in your local paper for information about when you can recycle your tree. Or try looking at your trash haulers website. They really don’t want trees mixed with general refuse.

I am still looking to do the live Christmas tree. I did not have much luck this past year finding one. I need to start earlier next year. This would be a perfect solution for me. I have a need for a few trees in my backyard!