Light Bulbs: eBay $70 for 20

Solar Panel: Kaneka 60 Watt (GSA) $250

Solar Controller: BZ Product MPPT 250HV $150

Batteries: Wal-Mart Deep cycle x2 $100

Why did I choose these items. As we calculated from before, I needed a 27 watt panel and 60 amp hours of battery. I over killed it, BIG TIME. Why? I want to have a small back-up solar generator that’s why. Let me explain.

If the power goes out in the summer time, I don’t want my refrigerator food to go bad. It would only take one extended power outageĀ  to pay for the overage. Additionally, the shallower discharge of the batteries will make them last longer. Since they are Wal-Mart cheapos, they will need the extra care. The controller can also handle 3 more solar panels if I decide to add more solar “stuff”. Personally, I think it would be great to have the garage door on solar power. Then if the power goes out I can still open the door. Lastly, the controller is a MPPT type, I just wanted to get one.

Overall, my price has been exceed but I think my satisfaction will be increased as well. FWIW – Version 1.0 of my solar light have been dark for about a week. It has been cloudy and the controller is in Low Voltage Disconnect until the sun shines again. This would not happen with this new design.

Next in the series: My Solar Landscape Lights 2.0 (Installation) -not until the spring-