In an earlier blog I stated that my only hope of finding a “Green Job” was with the automotive industry. Have you watched or read the news lately? I just don’t see the automotive industry doing very well for the foreseeable future. Now what? Well, let me tell you what I have tried so far.

Looking for a local company that does solar already.
You guys in the western states have a much better chance at this then I do. But, in Indiana, there is one small operator. Morton Energy, LLC out of Evansville. They are on my short list to call every few months.

Try being creative with the internet searches. (This search engine farms almost every other site out there) – Search for “Energy” – I have actually found a few good leads this way.

Try looking for large companies in your area.
They maybe large enough to employ an Energy Professional. The local power company may be looking for someone to perform energy audits for its customers. Did you know the some school system employ people to go around and turn off lights and dial back the thermostats at night.

Investigate local trade associations.
You maybe able to partner with, say,  a plumbing company and try to sell solar water heaters. You could try to sell Geothermal systems with a HVAC outfit. You may even find a small electricians company that needs a new niche.

Fantasize about starting your own business.
You could consider the option of starting your own business. I, myself, have thought about this before. (I wanted to be the next New Yankee Workshop.) My new quest could be to blanket the town with solar power roofs and small windmills silently making electricty. I think I will read a book I purchased some time ago. “Starting Your Own Business” A boy can dream can’t he?