Felix Adamczyk is a 21 year-old electrotechnology student at ETH Zürich. A hospital internship position in the African country of Tanzania inspired him to develop a solar powered ECG Machine, “Kadiri.” The machine is immensely useful for developing countries who have little electricity to spare if any at all.

For more info on the device, read here: Science Daily: Student Devises Solar Energy ECG Useful In Developing Countries And Troubled Areas

I think when most people mention solar energy, it’s to emphasize some of the amazing technological achievements of today. The use of solar power is most often discussed in reference to saving energy. Even when talking about solar use in remote regions, it seems like people are usually talking about camping or cabin trips, maybe odd research jobs.

It’s easy to forget the great benefits solar power technology can provide for those who have no access to an electrical grid because that’s the way their country is. I mean, all the money savings and environmental benefits of solar energy often cloud all the possible improvements it can and does provide for the health/quality of life of people who have never had the chance to waste electricity in their lifetimes.