I’ve been wanting to try a solar cooker for a while. I guess I should have given it more of a thought during the hotter days of summer when turning on the oven and adding to the heat in the house was a horrible, horrible thought. But I’m still considering it, and in my research have realized that I need to find one that will work in the cloudier days of fall and will come with an electric backup if necessary. I don’t want to risk sacrificing some hard-earned food and meals with my inexperience in outdoor cooking. My family may not forgive me for it.

This may just fit my needs. It seems to come with a lot of accessories to help me get started, has four pans that can cook inside at once for some multi-course mealing if desired, and provides an electric power support for the days that might be too overcast, or when I start too late and the sun goes down before the roast is finished.