Here in Utah, the government is committed to having 20% of the state’s power coming from renewable resources by 2025 … ‘if it is cost-effective’ (frankly, a confusing and counterproductive statement). That’s civilized.

According to this story from the Salt Lake Tribune an appointed panel of people are beginning to define ‘renewable energy zones’ throughout the state.

Isn’t the whole point of renewable energy that not only are our current methods of generating power NOT cost-effective (for consumers in any way), but that they are also destroying our own habitat, piece by piece?

It is a start, but not nearly good nor soon enough, I’d say.

The trib story also reports the following facts about solar energy, current and potential, in Utah:

  • Utah has considerable solar potential, especially in the western and southwestern parts of the state.
  • Southern Utah has about 300 sunny days per year.
  • There is no commercial development of solar power in Utah.
  • … Cost of development and access to transmission lines are the biggest obstacles.

Hmmm. Currently bleak. But plenty of potential…

Read the full blurb for the full scope of Utah’s current renewable energy situation regarding wind and geothermal.