I don’t pretend to be an expert (just someone who cares and wants to learn) but this ongoing debate in the U.S. to choose a better regulatory framework for solar power has really piqued my interest – mostly because there already seems to be a market-proven way to go about this in Europe. But as usual, if America’s not the first to come up with the idea- anything else is considered spurious.

Come on, America’s ego – stop making excuses and get to work!

A tariff by definition is a table of fixed charges. ‘Net metering’ is used to describe the current U.S. policy on paying consumers who tie in to the grid with their renewable energy sources, but because net metering guarantees the power company profits from your generated power and you just get a ‘zeroed’ meter, generating your own power still seems out of reach for most Americans.

In Germany (and Spain, and Greece, and France, and Italy) they’ve developed a model where you, the consumer, gets paid more than three times what the power is actually worth and you get paid for every single kilowatt hour you generate – not just the excess left over after your personal Kwh-usage is deducted. These are your incentive to generate your own power – you will get a paycheck from the power company at the end of every month for the power you’ve sold them. You will generate your own power and power to spare for others to use. The system supports itself.

It’s called distributive generation.

We’ve thrown a lot of money in this country at far less conscientious, non-market proven, rich-get-richer schemes…